Full Rate or Discounted Customer Service?

Poor Customer Service Due to Discounted Services. Above Promotions Company. Photo Courtesy of Derek Kimball.
Poor Customer Service Due to Discounted Services.  Above Promotions Company.  Photo Courtesy of Derek Kimball.
Poor Customer Service Due to Discounted Services. Above Promotions Company. Photo Courtesy of Derek Kimball.

Do you give different levels of customer service if you offer a discounted rate on services or products?  In being a consumer and working with various businesses over the past few years on behalf of our clients, we have seen this happen all too often.

Let’s say a business runs a special on ABC widgets on the local internet discounting website (Groupon, Living Social, etc.).  Hundreds of individuals purchase the ABC widget.  Now when it is time for the customer to redeem their coupon for the item, they are faced with a disappointed face on an employee at checkout or experience less than average service for the purchase.  And if the person attempts to use their coupon during a busy hour, watch out!  The looks and attitudes seem to change greatly.

This type of lack of service does not fall in just the retail and restaurant businesses who run these specials.  Some companies offer discounts or perks to “close the deal”, perhaps ones beyond the scope of their current business model will suddenly reduce their service levels after the project begins.  They start to resent taking on the client and returning fewer calls or emails or delivering the service late.   It’s as if it were the customer’s fault the business agreed to offer the discount.  In many cases customers didn’t make a personal plea for the reduced rate, but after its offered, the customer is left feeling like the business is doing them a favor.  So instead of buyer’s remorse, there is a seller’s remorse.

Ultimately business owners must remember the decision, if even a reluctant one, to extend discounting is still a decision made by the company.  And if your business is to grow or even capitalize on future business or referrals at full rates, the customer service levels, must remain in the least at an average level.  If not, what seemed like a good business decision, can turn into a public relations nightmare.

Really, we want to hear your feedback.

Have you experienced less than average service because you’ve purchased something at a discount?  Or do you find the businesses offer the same levels as if you paid full price?  And for the business owners, have you offered up less service because of a discount you extended to a customer?  Are you expecting the customer to want less because they’re paying you less for a service?

What do you say?

(It is important to note we are not against businesses offering discounts for sales and marketing purposes.  This post is to discuss an observation made about many businesses which do so and fail to provide quality service levels.)


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