“Sorry. I Don’t Know.”

"Sorry.  I don't Know." - Words by a clueless employee.  Photo Courtesy of geardiary.com.

“Sorry. I don’t Know.” – Words by a clueless employee. Photo Courtesy of geardiary.com.


As a marketing professional it is quite surprising to call a business and the employee not be able to answer a basic answer to a common item sold.  Worse yet, being inside of a restaurant or store and have a manager tell you, “Sorry.  I don’t know.”

For all of the awesome marketing you as a business owner can be completing to get people inside the store or interested in your service, with one, “Sorry sir/ma’am.  I don’t know”, you could lose out on a sale or repeat business.  And in seconds, your initial efforts and investment is down the drain.

Yes, you should be concerned with how your product is circulating on the internet and in social media websites, if your packaging and advertisements are up-to-par, but the basics of marketing should never be forgotten.

Leads are costly and not educating your employees on your menus, store products or services, could be a huge and less obvious killer to your advertising efforts.

When you derive and implement anything new to your existing lines or even add a new employee, training is key and should not be overlooked.  An educated employee can make the difference between bringing in a sale or watching one walk away.

We want to hear from you.  What training efforts do you have in place to prevent good leads from leaving your business?


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