2 thoughts on “More than a Logo

  1. Hello!
    This article can be a good starting point to discuss about how logo is important in the marketing field. Actually the logo encloses specific values, ideas, also lifestyles and represents something to identify with. That’s why in the ancient history the most important families were proud of their own armorial bearings, or, since the ’50s, fashion brands created an entire world around their names and their logos, as well. The logo is the feature that distinguish a family/company/brand/restaurant/… from its competitors, allowing people to make their own choices according to their values, ideas, lifestyles.
    Logo is the basis of every marketing strategy.

  2. Hi Matteo. Great feedback! Yes, the logo is definitely a basic element in starting a business. The feelings associated with it after it is created is as well. An organization has truly succeeded when an emotion or memory can immediately be tied to it through a personal experience. Thanks for reading and replying!

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