Uniforms and Vehicles: What Happens to Your Brand After Hours?

Is your brand going to the trash after hours? Photo Courtesy of Jean Froidevaux.

Is your brand going to the trash after hours? Photo Courtesy of Jean Froidevaux.

Imagine your business operating with great customer service, branding throughout your establishment up-to-par, the perfect ambiance, high quality products with price points the consumers love. Perfect marketing bliss or chi achieved. Little do you know on the way to work one of your uniformed employees driving your company vehicle cut off several people nearly causing an accident or they stopped at an adult video store that morning and parked your van out front. And you missed the fact the employee in your company’s uniform stopped at the local restaurant for happy hour is now cursing out the bartender over change.

When you make a decision to incorporate uniforms and company vehicles into your business, a plan of use must be incorporated. Countless times each day consumers will run into your brand. Although you have a good handle on how these items are used during work hours, it’s the after hours you should also take into consideration.

Take some time to make some of the following decisions:

  • Should employees change into their uniform upon arrival? Are we ok with allowing the first five to ten minutes to be designated for the employees to put on their company shirts to avoid issues outside of work?
  • Are we ok with allowing the company vehicle to go to non-customer locations (except the gas station)?
  • What routes and lanes do we want our drivers to take?

Some of you may think, “what an employee does after work doesn’t affect our business.” However, that statement is incorrect and whether someone was going to make an immediate purchase from your company or one down the road, every impression counts.

This is not an anti-uniform or company vehicle post, it is however one to make you think about your brand’s appearance. Is it going to the trash after hours?

What do you think? Have you ever been appalled by something you’ve seen an employee in a vehicle or uniform do after hours?


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