There’s More to Business Than Marketing…

Business Can Keep You Busy. Photo Courtesy of Piotr Bizior.
Business Can Keep You Busy. Photo Courtesy of Piotr Bizior.

Ha! You’re probably surprised to see a marketing company tell you, there’s more to business than marketing. However, this statement has to be made to help keep a complete picture for new business owners who keep up with this blog.

With that said, here are a few reminders of the importance of the other aspects of business and a few online resources for the newbies and some veterans.

Human Resources:

Happy employees = Happy customers. Despite what some employers think, their workers want to feel a part of something good. Treat them well and they will perform as though they had ownership in the business. Be concerned about their safety while at work. More than likely their safety concerns will be the ones you have for your customers as well. Train your team members as well. No one, whether on the clock or not, wants to look foolish for not being able to answer a question. When they do something great like remembering what you trained them to do or go above and beyond, recognizing them publicly can go a long way. Check out this free employee recognition software online by Sparcet at


Good financial record keeping can help with planning and executing day-to-day operations and spending money for investing in the future or to keep sales growing. Besides, how can you minimize expenses, set proper pricing and keep track of inventory if you don’t maintain good records. Knowing your cash flow is important to operating your business and will help you with planning and reducing waste. Do you have a good understanding of yours? Try out this Cash Flow Calculator thanks and Palo Alto Software.

Product Development:

Some of today’s great innovation takes place by attempting to evolve and improve on existing items. Items that are common to your industry or within your own business should be looked at on an annual/quarterly basis. From those reviews, you implement steps to improve them. However, do not simply wait until one magic day out of the year to begin to brainstorm. Create a vision board and add items to it throughout the year. Everything which hits the board may not get implemented right away or even by your company, but it is possible some of those you don’t use can prove to be handy to a customer. Consider using to bookmark websites or Google Docs to store other items for your brainstorming sessions.


You need people to manage the daily tasks and ensure the things mentioned above can be carried out. People who work in operations become your problem solving go-to friends. Keep the avenue of communication open with them in order to help execute the vision and mission of the company. From shipping to internal technical support departments, the individuals within your operations business cannot be forgotten. They are the glue to keeping the ship running tight and the eyes to spot the holes in it.

As you know we love public relations and marketing, but they are not the only things you as a business owner can focus on. If you are wondering how can you do it all? Consider outsourcing some work so you can focus on growing a strong business. If we can be of help to you in this endeavor, please do not hesitate to reach out to our office.


Do you have any tips or resources you use to help run your business which are not marketing based? We would love to hear! Please share below.


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