Pinterest is Mobile!

Above Promotions Company Celebrates Pinterest Going Mobile. August 2012.
Above Promotions Company Celebrates Pinterest Going Mobile. August 2012.

So you may not have an excitement for this blog post today, but if you’re a business owner who is looking for great ways to go viral with your product or service, this should warrant at least a “great!”

Pinterest has been the go-to social media image and research site for millions of users over the past several months. Growing by leaps and bounds, the site has proven it is a contender with Facebook and Twitter. If you’re not a believer, just take a moment to reflect on how much Facebook and Twitter has made changes to its visual layout to compete with this image-loving startup company. Both have made more changes to adapt to the population of people on the internet that would rather look at images than read updates.

Pinterest allows for true viral sharing with potential clients and the media. An example being, one of our clients whose image we pinned was featured on a blog with a link back to the client’s site. We were able to view the impact of Pinterest due to our analytics reporting. It showed quite a few clicks based on this one blogger in a different state which we had not contacted for coverage on the product.

I can see how some of you may not be excited and are wondering “How does this translate into more business for you?” Users of social media sites are accessing them via their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets instead of personal computers.

If you weren’t a Pinner before, you should consider being one now. If you are a current fan of Pinterest or avid user, please help us to convince others by sharing your Pinterest story below.

(Please no pinning and driving.)


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2 thoughts on “Pinterest is Mobile!

  1. Great article! It’s such an exciting time for Pinterest. And thanks for asking your readers to share their stories. My business is rocking Pinterest! And here’s why. I’ve been working with a wonderful Pinterest Influencer Network that has really optimized the presence of my brand exposure! PinLeague has been an awesome one-stop shop for A-Z marketing services for Pinterest marketers. Hope this helps, thanks!

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