What Great Service Can Do For Your Business

Birthday gift from the Waldorf Astoria. Above Promotions Company. Tampa, FL.
Birthday gift from the Waldorf Astoria. Above Promotions Company. Tampa, FL.


If you read yesterday’s blog, you’ll know I recently spent some days at the Waldorf Astoria at Bonnet Creek in Orlando, FL. Although this will be the second post in a row regarding that visit, I have to ensure you they have not asked nor know (at least at the time of writing this post) about my discussion on the stay. Now with that disclaimer out-of-the-way. Let’s get to today’s topic.

Great Service. Period. Point blank. Hands down. Providing such a thing can leave your customers ecstatic and talking about your business days after they encounter it. Kind of like what you’re seeing now.

Here are a few reasons the Waldorf Astoria in Orlando left a great impression on us.

  • Emotional tie to the purchaser. The Waldorf Astoria knew in advance that the visit to their establishment was part of a birthday celebration. They provided the fruit and cheese tray in the room along with a birthday card as a way to welcome us and show appreciation for selecting their hotel for the occasion.
  • Remembering the details. You cannot spend time at a resort and not speak to a few people on staff. What was surprising was the amount of details they all remembered from the brief conversations. This cannot be an easy feat for each employee since the property is pretty sizable.
  • Everyone is important. By far we are not celebrities nor dignitaries, but they treated us and others as though our stay was of great importance to them. No matter what car the guests arrived in or the clothes they wore, each person received a smile and the “please let us know if you need anything” statement. (By the end of the stay, we realized they mean what they say.)
  • Anticipating additional items needed. Understanding people are away from home and in an unfamiliar area, the front desk and bell service offered up suggestions even when not asked. When asked what area outside of their hotel one can enjoy the Disney area fireworks, the bellhop not only found the answer, but brought back branded water (as shown yesterday) for us to drink while we waited for them.
  • Recognize their weakness and offer up a solution. The hotel in itself is more for the mature adults and luxury lovers. It does not really cater to the families with children who want more entertaining needs in their pool area. So through the partnership with their sister property next door, they provide access to a large pool area with a lazy river.

These things probably added to them being ranked #17 in the 2011 Conde Nast Traveler Top 100 “Best in the World”
in Top Hotels in the U.S. listing as quoted on their website.

This is no ploy to get you to stay there, although I’m sure you’ll enjoy it tremendously, but this post serves as a reminder on how we all can kick up our service levels to our customers.

Are you providing your current customers with any of these experiences? If not, do you feel any of them would help your business? Let us know.


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