TODAY Show: Let’s Talk New Twitter Update on Facebook

TODAY Show Twitter Profile. Larger Header Image. Above Promotions Company. Tampa, FL Photo Courtesy of Twitter/TODAY.
TODAY Show Twitter Profile. Larger Header Image. Above Promotions Company. Tampa, FL Photo Courtesy of Twitter/TODAY.

On the TODAY show, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo unveiled the new layout for Twitter and the updated iPad application for the mobile tablet.

As it may take a few days to see the changes on every users account, one has to wonder, if the larger header image will appeal to the Pro-Facebook users? No official word on the size of the header space for you social media managers, but it does appear to be 520 x 260 pixels. (We’ll keep an eye out for the official size as quoted by Twitter.)

What was a social media lover’s excitement in watching the TODAY show and this story on Twitter via their website, it was the byline at the end of the digital story that brought a hearty chuckle to it all.

Wilson Rothman is the Technology & Science editor at NBC News Digital and Catch up with him on Twitter at @wjrothman, and join our conversation on Facebook.

Did you catch that? Let’s go back to the last 5 words listed above. We should definitely join the Twitter conversation on Facebook. Although this is probably used for all of Wilson’s stories, wouldn’t just for one day they could edit it and leave off Facebook. Well do not fret. When you visit the NBC News Tech Facebook page, the story isn’t posted as of yet and therefore maybe the conversation is really over on Twitter. (Doh! The Social Media and Web Producer may need to talk at some point today.)

Well this did leave us a wide open field to talk about the new updates and the importance of rolling out your site and social media with correct information, we’ll just stick to the Twitter news.

Nonetheless, we’re just happy to see users have the ability to show themselves more visually on Twitter. What are your thoughts?


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