Are YOU Using THE Most Annoying Phrase During a Media Interview?

The Most Annoying Phrase During Media Interviews. Photo Courtesy of John De Boer. Above Promotions Company Tampa, FL. 2012.

The Most Annoying Phrase During Media Interviews. Photo Courtesy of John De Boer. Above Promotions Company Tampa, FL. 2012.

We probably should have conducted an official poll for this as this is really more or less a media consultant’s pet peeve. Although there was no survey with 1,000 participants attempting to discover what is the most annoying phrase used during interviews, some time was spent looking for facts or results from others to back up the claim being presented today. However for some reason, our searches all ended up with career interview don’ts. Essentially, one could stretch the concept of what NOT to say during a media interview into the career building area, but let’s just focus on selling yourself and brand to the general public today.

So picture this. You’re watching or listening to an interview by a celebrity. They are deemed the ambassador for a brand. The entire interview that is focused on this particular brand contains the words “You Know” in every other sentence.

Ahhhhhhh! It is pretty safe to say that media professionals around the world can feel their blood boil when this happens. Here’s why:

  • One should always be prepared to speak to the media on a topic it represents. Without being prepared, the person finds themself searching for filler words while they attempt to communicate effective words. The filler words add no value and take up precious airtime.
  • If the audience “knew” what the person was trying to say, 9 times out of 10, the interview would not be taking place. The public wouldn’t need to waste their time following the interview.
  • People need words to flow. Obtrusive breaks only prevents the listener from concentrating on the message or completely turns them off.
  • Live interviews are becoming more rare these days thanks to video and podcasts that can be played on-demand. Not being prepared for a live show is not only a bad look for the brand, but also a waste of valuable time before the public.

More than likely most producers for news programs or talk shows would reconsider inviting the guest again in the future. So it is important to ensure you or your representative is prepared to speak to the public.

Now that you know what we feel is to be the most annoying phrase during a media interview. It has to be asked. Are you using this phrase during your interviews? If so, kill it now. Practice until its gone or in the least sparsely used.

We want to hear from you. How do you feel about “You Know”? If it isn’t the most annoying phrase to you, please share one you think tops it.


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