What “Buzz” Can Do for You

The lunch crowd waiting for their tables inside of Gladys' and Ron's Chicken and Waffles in Downtown Atlanta. Photo by Above Promotions. Tampa, FL 2012.

The lunch crowd waiting for their tables inside of Gladys’ and Ron’s Chicken and Waffles in Downtown Atlanta. Photo by Above Promotions. Tampa, FL 2012.

I have to preface today’s blog with a little bit of background. Recently while at a good friend’s barbecue during Labor Day weekend in beautiful St. Petersburg, FL, the conversation ventured on the subject of Atlanta and a few good restaurants. Not really knowing I would make a sudden trip to the area in the near future, this discussion would have more meaning to me than originally thought.

During the talk, one person claimed that Gladys’ place was really great. They went on and on over what items they liked. While another person said they were disappointed during their visit. Since it had been quite a few years since my last trip to Atlanta, I was unaware that two people I respected greatly in the music world, Gladys Knight and Ronald Winans, had come together for a joint venture known as Gladys Knights’ and Ronald Winans’ Chicken and Waffles.

Fast forward to this past weekend. Another friend and a college sorority sister made references on me visiting Gladys’ place during my visit. I have to admit, based on the previous conversation earlier in the month, I was not gung-ho about patronizing the restaurant. However, during a conversation on where we were having a late breakfast, I folded to hesitation and went with the option to visit the Chicken And Waffles establishment.

It is known that this local downtown restaurant can easily be packed inside with a crowd and on the outside with people awaiting a chance to get a table for what is said to be one of the best soul food restaurants and landmarks in the area. In spite of arriving 10 minutes before it opened, there was a line formed outside with people hungry for what was inside as shown in the image above.

Although the crowd is orderly, there is a security guard that works the outside to help keep it that way. No really. Take a look at the next picture.

Security guard keeps order outside of Gladys' and Ron's Chicken and Waffles in Downtown Atlanta. Photo by Above Promotions Company. Tampa, FL 2012.

Security guard keeps order outside of Gladys’ and Ron’s Chicken and Waffles in Downtown Atlanta. Photo by Above Promotions Company. Tampa, FL 2012.

Not really sure if it’s for the patrons or the large population of homeless individuals in the area behind the restaurant. Ideal or not, the street dwellers do not prevent locals and tourists from waiting to feast on highly rated food.

So what makes this place a hit? How can others in the restaurant industry or any other field generate this type of buzz?  Here are a few thoughts:

  • Get a celebrity or two! Well maybe not just any celebrity, let’s face it. In the same city, Justin’s, a restaurant titled after the namesake of Sean Combs‘ son, wasn’t able to survive off of just a name. Although Gladys Knight and Ronald Winans are brands themselves, it is the love of food from Gladys’ son, Shanga Hankerson, that keeps the restaurant going. So it’s not really a surefire way to keep customers, but it is a way to spark interest. Perhaps you can’t afford international names such as these mentioned. However, you can find other ways to entice local celebrities to be active at the establishment, if your desire is not to convince them to partner with you. There will be some hesitancy by many people on this thought, but take a look at many of your charitable events in the area. People aren’t just using local big names to occupy space on advertisements.
  • Great environment. There’s something about using the proper mix of colors and furniture laced with employees eager to provide great service that creates a great environment for customers. This particular business used warm earth tones in an upscale way to attract crowds who will enjoy paying for food and the chance to say they ate at a known location. Views of their musical background can also be spotted throughout the establishment. Just a small reminder of where you’re dining. Ambiance is everything and reviewing yours on a regular basis should be a key part of your branding strategy.
  • Great product selection. Although everyone’s taste buds and backgrounds are different, it would be hard pressed to say the selection of food or even how it is presented or cooked doesn’t reflect a southerner’s background. And for that area of Atlanta, it’s refreshing to see a place to grab a variety of comfort food. When people think of your restaurant or store, do the items you sell reflect what people would expect?

Despite my original hesitancy to eat there during my visit, I have to admit the “buzz” got the best of me. Although this restaurant may reflect different tastes amongst different individuals, it is easy to conclude they have generated a serious buzz over Gladys’ and Ron’s Chicken and Waffles.

I won’t say if you should visit them or not, but somehow I have a feeling after reading this post you will end up there.

Ok. I want to know. Have you ever been sucked into going to someplace over “buzz”? Share with us.


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