Names Are Important

Names are Important to a Brand. Above Promotions Company. 2012. Tampa, FL
Names are Important to a Brand. Above Promotions Company. 2012. Tampa, FL

Last Thursday started and ended with an important running theme. One that just needed to be shared as a reminder to us all on the importance of names.

The day was over planned and crammed to the point it required me to start at 5 am just to get basic housework out-of-the-way. As I moved into transitioning from housework to business work around 6 am, I stumbled upon a message sent to me from a male associate. To summarize, it stated my published book’s title, “Because You’re Small: Effective Marketing Strategies for Immediate Implementation” wasn’t a good one and a self-destructive marketing title. The short note alluded to men not relating to the title due to the words “Because You’re Small.” Being pressed for time to complete customer marketing initiatives, a quick two-sentence reply was provided indicating the response thus far has been the opposite over the title and thanked him for the feedback.

The message made me briefly think about how I originally thought most business owners, male and female, who think they already have it together would not buy the book over the short title “Because You’re Small”. Now to know it would not alienate both females and males, and just males, provided a relief that someone really would purchase the book. Since the title is what has hooked buyers and male media personnel thus far, a mental note was made and filed away for the future.

Fast forward to mid-morning of the same Thursday.

I had started to sift through emails with gig and branding opportunities to share with clients and those to share with the public on our Facebook and Twitter pages. There was one that I knew someone would be thrilled to receive. I unfortunately didn’t have their email address saved, so I turned to my other contact book (Facebook) to send them the information. Unfortunately, I was not able to locate them by name. This wasn’t the first time this has happened to me. For some odd reason people like to change their names based on their mood for the week (i.e. OrlandoMagic RockstheEast instead of John Smith). If you’re looking to build a brand or business, why would you not maintain the use of the name given to you at birth (marriage, etc.). Needless to say, since I had to move on to other tasks, I didn’t have time to ask around for their information. So the person never received the lead.

As I moved on with my day and listened in on a webinar, in my true multi-tasking manner, I decided to look up the Facebook page of the florist who made a delivery to me to celebrate an important personal milestone. (Are those not the sweetest flowers ever pictured above?) I looked on the slip that contained the contact information of the business. Only an address and phone number was listed. That seemed odd since everyone has a website or in the least will post their social media page on materials. After 5 minutes of digging around online for their website or social media page , I figured out the mystery.  The florist has one name on their arrangement cards, another listed on the internet and when I looked at their website, a totally different name on the sign over their business. By the time I figured it out, my message drafted to share on their Facebook page, changed to a personal message to the company to be aware of their branding to the public.

In looking back at that peculiar day, a clear theme illuminated the day.

Carefully select your names or better yet your words when introducing them to the public. What’s in a name? Everything! From me possibly turning off male readers with my book title to a business not using a consistent name, words are vital in how they can relate emotions and create new sales. As my friend and author, Suzin Carr would say, “Choose Well.” Take a moment to think of your name and how it is shared with the public.

While I am pleased with my book and the theme of it, I won’t be changing the name of it and can appreciate the person’s viewpoint. Have you ever displayed a name to the public you received negative feedback over or wanted to change later? If so, please share your story. It may be used in a future blog.


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Ebony T. Grimsley is the Creative Director and Owner of Above Promotions Company. She is also the recent author of “Because You’re Small: Effective Marketing Strategies for Immediate Implementation.” To find out more information on the book, please visit or purchase online at Amazon, Booktango and other online bookstores.


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