Twinkies No More?

Hostess is on the bankruptcy path once again. Photo Couresy of AP/NBC News. Above Promotions Company. Tampa, FL
Hostess is on the bankruptcy path once again. Photo Couresy of AP/NBC News. Above Promotions Company. Tampa, FL
Hostess is on the bankruptcy path once again. Photo courtesy of AP/NBC News. Above Promotions Company. Tampa, FL

We’ll get back to scandals, sex and other shady things in the news next week. Today’s post had to created and shared. Could it be? The iconic brand from most adults childhood will be no more.

This morning on the TODAY Show, the CEO of Hostess, Greg Rayburn, stated that the bakers’ union and the executives could not reach an agreement and the company will begin liquidating assets today. It’s hard to imagine a company that has been around since 1930, can crumble over wages and benefits. Unfortunately, according to Greg this is the reason for the demise of an iconic brand.

As I scratched my head thinking, “when was the last time I’ve even had a Twinkie?”, I heard the Above Promotions account executive say the same thing. It became clear to me that we may not be the only ones who hasn’t had a Hostess anything in over a decade. And although I would like to think “Wow! That’s crazy. 5,000 bakers just put over 18,000 people out of work.” I do not feel this is the reason the next time I’m in Publix, the space Hostess once occupied will be filled with something else.

Consumers have evolved and become educated. Hostess has remained the same and has not done a good enough job to combat those knowledgable consumers. As to where we can see other snack companies such as Frito-Lay and Nabisco evolve over the years and introduce various options, including ones with less chemicals, Hostess seems to have dug in its heels and showed it will not change. I cannot recall Hostess even demonstrating an attempt to overcome the news feature when the TODAY Show deconstructed the Twinkie. Seriously, there are at least 18 items in a Twinkie, I would not consume and a few of those could be found in cleaning products.

Where was the innovation? Where were the re-branding efforts? Attempts to market to a new demographic. So no, we can’t blame the bakers, President Bush (original attempt for bankruptcy filing in 2004) or President Obama, nor the cost of ingredients going up for the brand’s demise. This rests solely at the feet of the company’s leaders. Change is a vital part of business and every company has to be prepared to go the direction of consumers. If it is not working. The public isn’t buying it. It’s time for a change. Maybe if not in a new line, at least some updated marketing and attempt to engage with the public once again.

When we think about it. Maybe the brand dies years ago. The news heard around the world today, could just be the delay of the funeral.

What do you think? Is the bakers’ union to blame? When was the last time you consumed a Hostess product? Will you miss the brand? Will someone save the Twinkie?

Tell us your thoughts and it could be used for a future post.


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2 thoughts on “Twinkies No More?

  1. I personally have never purchased a Twinkie and can’t remember the last time I ate any of their cake or signature pastry products. I agree with you 50% (or more) that they have not evolved over the decades and lost touch with the consumers of today. Even Mc Donalds has followed trends whether they stuck or not. For example, when the Atkins diet was all the rage I vaguely remember them offering a bunless burger. Starbucks is the trendsetter in coffee drinks and Mc Donalds seems to try and keep up by offering a variety of lattes, coffee drinks and the like. They are smart in reaching some of the same demographic but mainly those who would like to enjoy trendy treats but not spend close to five dollars for them. Why didn’t Hostess revamp their brand? Launch a hip marketing arsenal? It surely would have cost less than folding.
    You touched on the unions and the company not coming to terms. There’s the other half of the problem. The unions’ demands on corporations seems to effect the opposite of the purpose of their original intention – to protect the workers right? So now approximately 18,000+ people are jobless… how effective is that? The ripple effect of these unemployed people will burn a larger hole in our economy and debt deficit.

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