13 thoughts on “Big Facebook Change for Business Owners Jan 15

  1. Nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to Facebook. It seems they have more regulations than the FTC. I am out of ideas as to why they do what they do, I can only say…so happy that other social media exists and the outlets are growing leaps and bounds…I am using several of them to get my word out.
    Thank You for this article Ebony. as always timely, well written and helpful. You provide wonderful marketing advice.
    Brenda Ellison

  2. I have thrown in the towel on being frustrated with FB. It’s a free platform & I guess I am grateful for the opportunity to use it. Like everything else, there are pros & cons. When I first started using FB to market, I learned that you can’t put all your eggs in one basket. If they continue to make changes that people don’t find favorable, then they will just have to live with the consequences of not listening to what the people who utilize the platform find as other solutions. Myspace ring a bell?

  3. I think everyone is expecting them to become the MySpace. Time will tell. Google surely is making some good moves. I’m quite sure they are learning from Facebook’s mistakes. Thanks for reading!

  4. I agree with BagsNShoes2. They will regulate themselves right out of favor with the small business public. But on the other hand it is free (for the most part) to use. We use several different social media platforms to share our business message and do not see this new rule as being an issue for us. I prefer my photos with very little wording…I think the pictures should speak for themselves.

  5. Ebony this is so important I posted the link it to a few groups I’m in on Linkedin including the Tampa Bay Chamber. I also mentioned you by name. I don’t know how you stay so on top of all this. Bless you!

    Personally, I’m disgusted by Facebook. I will be cutting my fan page activities down simply to video tips and written tips or information to help my readers. I think facebook stinks for business owners.
    Rev. Dr. Christina Winsey

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