Social Media, Marco Rubio and Poland Spring Water

Marco Rubio's Poland Spring Water Tweet pic. Image Courtesy of Marco Rubio and Twitter. Above Promotions Company. Tampa, FL. 2013.
Marco Rubio’s Poland Spring Water Tweet pic. Image Courtesy of Marco Rubio and Twitter. Above Promotions Company. Tampa, FL. 2013.

Last night’s GOP rebuttal to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address given by Marco Rubio created quite the stir on social media. Twitter went ablaze with jokes on Rubio’s off-camera reach for a bottle of Poland Spring water. Since then more tweets and news stories covering the drinking of water has sparked a lot of online comments from political followers. However, more surprisingly has been the discussion on Poland Spring water’s Facebook page. Some are wondering why the Nestle brand has not responded to any of the online chatter.

“Come on people, you get the #1 FREE media w/Marco Rubio taking a swig of a Poland Spring water bottle and there’s crickets coming from your social marketing …” – Victoria K.

“How have you guys not posted about your superfan Marco Rubio?” – Raman S.

And John D. wrote, “NOW IS YOUR TIME TO SHINE, Poland Spring social media manager!”

But in the professional communications’ circles, many would agree, that no comment by Nestle is the best stance to the brief and probably much appreciated shine that the few seconds brought them.

Here’s why:

  • Jumping into a political arena showing support or disdain for Rubio’s use of their brand, could cause more hurt in sales than anything else.
  • The moment, although great product placement, is appearing as not staged. Any discussion surrounding being happy for their time in the spot light, may cause others to consider it was more or less agreed upon in advance rather than being at the right place at the right time.
  • One wrong turn with the online chatter could be misconscrewed as a part of the Poland Spring brand.
  • None of this is following their “Born Better” tag line for the brand, at least it couldn’t be associated positively without touching on the first point above.
  • It’s not as though Rubio began to choke on the water or mention any disgust for its taste. It’s not as though the water was a part of a crime investigation. (See Skittles and AriZona Iced Tea.)

Although Nestle can safely capitalize off of the promotion from “water bottle gate”, there is no need to push it further. Some moments are just that and should be left to the public to run with them.

What do you think? Should Nestle respond?

Please comment below with your thoughts. They may be used for future articles.


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