Staying Out of Trouble

Staying Out of Trouble. Above Promotions Company, Tampa, FL 2013
Staying Out of Trouble. Above Promotions Company, Tampa, FL 2013
Staying Out of Trouble. Above Promotions Company, Tampa, FL 2013

Being a small business owner with a small staff makes it easy for mistakes to occur. Some are more costly than others. Although it is never ones intent to get their business into trouble, it happens. But what if you could avoid those mistakes?

What if you knew what building codes would cause immediate issues for you? What if you had a better grasp on what could happen if you run a contest or promotion in your store or on the internet? How about employee law issues? What loan terms should you avoid in borrowing money from the bank? And wouldn’t it be great to hear what other startups did wrong so you could avoid doing so?

On Thursday, April 18th, at CoWork Tampa, and Above Promotions Company will be presenting “Staying Out of Trouble“. This event will feature guest panelists from the legal, contracting, human resources and financial fields. All with the goal of giving you top tips that will keep your business from economic or legal trouble.

Panelists members are:

Legal matters: Suzi Marteny, Englander and Fischer

Human resources: Rosilyn Dickerson, Florida Public Employers Labor Relations Association (FPELRA)

Building regulation: Rob Bell, Bell Contracting & Design

Commercial Banking: Max Oligario, JP Morgan Chase

The event will be moderated by Ebony Grimsley of Above Promotions Company and author of “Because You’re Small”.

Grimsley states, “Our goal for this event is to provide whatever information we can to prevent businesses from getting into trouble with other businesses and the government. The panelists are experts in their field and have a wealth of information to provide and are ready to answer questions.”

The featured speaker for the evening is Daniel James Scott, founder of Gazelle Lab and Associate Director of USF-St. Petersburg’s  Sustainable Entrepreneurship & Innovation Alliance. He is one of Tampa Bay’s most influential people in business, technology and entrepreneurship. He has been called an “economic impact player” by Florida Trend magazine, and has a key role in several of the area’s most successful enterprises. Among his numerous awards: 100 Most Influential Business Leaders (Tampa Bay CEO magazine), Best Idea Incubator (Creative Loafing) and Collaboration Award Finalist (Tampa Bay Technology Forum). Daniel will be sharing real life examples of mistakes he has seen startups make.

Come prepared for notes. Come prepared with questions.

For more information or to register for this event, please visit or click here to register today.

Will you be in attendance? Have any questions you would like to submit in advance? Leave them in the comments below. See you there!


Above Promotions is a full service publicity, marketing and promotions company, founded with the purpose to serve an array of clients that are looking to expand their presence in the marketplace. From a local to international market, Above Promotions Company can provide the exposure that goes above your expectations. Visit today.


Ebony T. Grimsley is the Creative Director and Owner of Above Promotions Company. She is also the recent author of “Because You’re Small: Effective Marketing Strategies for Immediate Implementation.” To find out more information on the book, please visit or purchase online at Amazon, Booktango and other online bookstores.


LocalShops1 is a coalition of hundreds of independently owned businesses and thousands of energized shoppers, with the mission of advocating, promoting and offering support to companies throughout Tampa Bay. Visit to find out how you can get involved.


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