Women Rule… At Least This Weekend

Mom's Rock! Mother's Day 2013. Photo Courtesy of Yahoo.com. Above Promotions Company. Tampa, FL.
Mom's Rock! Mother's Day 2013. Photo Courtesy of Yahoo.com. Above Promotions Company. Tampa, FL.
Mom’s Rock! Mother’s Day 2013. Photo Courtesy of Yahoo.com. Above Promotions Company. Tampa, FL.


It is quite obvious that this is a major shopping weekend and mom’s are definitely showered with gifts. Simply drive by the mall, walk by a florist shop or talk to your local baker. This is a huge weekend for spending money on the one we probably loved first in the world.

Don’t believe me? The National Retail Federation (NRF) has confirmed this is the second biggest shopping weekend of the year. Spending is expected to reach $18.6 billion per their estimates. With those numbers, perhaps we need Mother’s Day once a quarter to help our economy. Nonetheless, alas it’s upon us.

And for those of you who are not taking advantage of getting extra sales this weekend, well just shame on you. What are you waiting on?

Don’t let the fact that perhaps your products aren’t mom-friendly. Another interesting statistic from the NRF’s article is:

Of the 86.5 percent celebrating Mother’s Day this year, nearly 65 percent will shop for their mom or stepmom, while others will buy gifts for their wife (22.4%), daughter (10.5%), grandmother (8.2%), sister (8.4%), friend (7.6%) or godmother (2.1%).

Now this should hopefully open your eyes to getting a piece of this financial windfall this weekend.

Email or text your customers today! Run your social media ads. You can still catch those last-minute shoppers. Offer electronic gift certificates. The NRF expects 1/4 of the gifts to be purchased online, so don’t think it’s too late to get into the game (even if you’re reading this on Mother’s Day).

Get creative. Offer shopping experiences just for women. Even if you’re a B2B (business-to-business company) you can still generate sales and interests in products and services that empower or show appreciation to women.

So what if you’re demographic is predominately male! Still consider doing a sale. Here’s why. According to BIGinsight Executive Vice President Phil Rist, “Many will use the opportunity to comparison shop and research products to save a few bucks, utilizing their mobile and tablet devices at home and in stores as they look for gifts and other ways to celebrate.”  As many people may not be chasing the sporting goods store this weekend, if that’s your industry, you can still offer great ways to save just to draw in the shopper who is just in the mood to shop this weekend.

Now does that have your mind buzzing on what you can do to get even a small share of this “mom money”?

Are you running any specials? If so, share below. You never know who may purchase from you online today!

Oh and by the way, Happy Mother’s Day to the moms and other women operating in that oh so important role. Women Rule! At least this weekend. Enjoy the day ladies! You deserve it!


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