How to Brag on Your Brand Like Justin Timberlake

Photo of Justin Timberlake courtesy of the TODAY Show. Above Promotions Company Tampa FL 2013

Photo of Justin Timberlake courtesy of the TODAY Show. Above Promotions Company Tampa FL 2013


It’s funny how human emotions can conflict us at times. We work hard to make a name for ourselves and yet shy away from sharing our accomplishments. Why can’t we just state some of our life’s successes with ease? Many clients we’ve worked with over the years struggle in this area. It makes working on their public relations and marketing campaigns a challenge in the beginning. Yet we eventually overcome the issue and are able to move forward successfully. While preparing for today’s projects and catching up on the news this morning, Justin Timberlake gave viewers a good way to brag or name drop without coming across as pompous on the TODAY Show.

Here it is, singer, actor, entrepreneur, spokesperson and more, Justin Timberlake, whose work has run circles around others his age, is able to give accounts of his star-studded life without turning off viewers. In fact, he’s probably measurably made new fans after the two-part interview series between he and TODAY Show anchor, Matt Lauer.

Well, you don’t have to be a mega-star to do the same. It’s not difficult for you too to perfect the art of bragging without being annoying. Are you ready to brag without turning others off?

Here are three tips to help you brag on your work without coming off as irritating to listeners.

  1. Be a story-teller. Just randomly saying, “You know I know Ben Affleck, right?” would be the conversation killer for anyone. Bits and pieces of information not in any order is a mood killer for any situation. Make your life’s journey into a story. Be able to tell of your accomplishments in a manner where the facts flow and are important to the story and the audience.
  2. Know when it’s relevant to tell your story. Again, this is where being random helps no one including yourself. If Timberlake belted out “You know I’ve won a lot of awards in my career” before Matt Lauer could get the first question out, extreme awkwardness for not only the interviewer, but the audience would have occurred. Be a natural story-teller. Tell the story when it’s time to do so. This means don’t randomly tell it, but also know when the moment is right, you must tell it.
  3. Tell your story in a relaxed posture. Comedian Kevin Hart has a joke “say it with your chest” that went viral after his standup routine a year or so ago. Well, in telling your accomplishments, you don’t need to “say it with your chest.” Allow your tone to reflect that of the interviewer or your listener, if not, a little lower than. This allows for a grateful, humble yet “I did these things because I was determined” approach instead of coming of as conceited.

Truly the interview by Matt Lauer with Justin Timberlake in its two parts led to some great entertainment, but at the end of the day, people were able to enjoy segment and not feel turned off from Justin and all of his name dropping.

What do you think? Have you ever been turned off from someone bragging about themselves before? Are you shy in doing it yourself for your brand?

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