Our Number One Marketing Tip for the Holiday Season

Number Your Holidays. Above Promotions Company, Tampa, FL
Number Your Holidays. Above Promotions Company, Tampa, FL
Number Your Holiday Specials. Image Courtesy of FreeChristmasWallpapers.com. Above Promotions Company, Tampa, FL

The holiday season has arrived and many of you may have plans to run specials to attempt to increase sales. While the entire retail industry will be running numerous specials, very few will manage to stand out from the rest.

Here is our number one marketing tip for the holidays this year!

Number Your Holiday Specials!

You may be wondering what this means. So here is an example to help explain the concept.

ABC Company is running weekly specials for the Christmas holiday. Instead of ABC Company simply listing a new special each week appearing random in nature, ABC Company should add a number to their advertisements to help display a well thought out concept, create a sense of urgency, to remind people there is a limited time to the specials and their business has offerings to keep in mind for Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas or New Year’s.

For example, “5 Weeks of deals to help fulfill your gift list with X from ABC Company”, “25 Days of Christmas specials to make your shopping jolly” or “10 Ways to Make Her Smile this Christmas.”

You chose the special which will help you to receive the biggest return this season. As I’ve mentioned it previously, use numbers to trigger mental notes for the memory of your customers.

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What specials are you running for the holidays? Will you be incorporating some number to help people remember your steals and deals for their shopping list?

Comment below and your answer may appear in a future blog post or an update to this one.


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Ebony T. Grimsley is the Creative Director and Owner of Above Promotions Company. She is also the author of “Because You’re Small: Effective Marketing Strategies for Immediate Implementation.” To find out more information on the book, please visit http://www.abovepromotions.com or purchase online at Amazon, Booktango and other online bookstores.


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