You Must Do This One Thing Before 2014

Check Your Emails for Leads. Above Promotions Company. Tampa, FL 2013

Check Your Emails for Leads. Above Promotions Company. Tampa, FL 2013


Many businesses are finishing up last-minute plans for 2014.

Drafting promotions and content marketing schedules, updating clients, reaching out to those you want as clients and updating advertisements have become a part of the normal end-of-the-year activities for many. However, there is one item I have noticed many businesses who come to us without a good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or inbound marketing tool, leave behind. This one thing is crucial and as your marketing friend, I must make sure you are not also falling into this pit. This one thing is leaving potential leads behind. Even with all of the good plans you make for the new year, you will be making a big mistake if you are not taking your leads from this year into the new year.

Of course I would hope you would consider implementing a good tool to keep those who have contacted you through one of your various marketing channels, but if you do not have one now or are in the process of looking for one, please consider reviewing your inbox or sent mail folders for past leads.

It is easy to forget those people who posed a random question to you via your business’ email accounts or your social media message boxes. At the time they originally contacted you, you may not have seen the potential in them being a client or even a potential partner for leads. This is a common error in business, but it is one of those missed moments that can cost you more in the long run. It is much easier to convert a lead after there is some interest on their part than to do so when there is no interest.

So I encourage you to go back through your email accounts and see if there were any missed leads for your business you will want to market to in 2014. The cost of leads and lead-to-conversion should be enough of a reason for you to spend some time reviewing messages. Even if you feel you have captured all of your leads, you may find a helpful reminder for your business or an idea lurking in those old online envelopes.

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