Guest Post: Healthy Selling for 2014

Michele Northrup, Founder of the award winning Intensity Academy Sauces. January Guest Blogger. Above Promotions Company, Tampa, FL.
Michele Northrup, Founder of the award winning Intensity Academy Sauces. January Guest Blogger. Above Promotions Company, Tampa, FL.

As a new year begins, we all take a moment to assess how we can be healthier. Healthy bodies, healthy minds and healthy relationships fill our resolutions for a chance to improve ourselves. It is also a great time for us to do the same within our businesses. Healthy selling means more than the actual product or service you provide, it encompasses a marketing strategy to bring positive results for you and your customers.

Creating a healthy brand has always been my desire. I was working in the garden at my children’s school and the vegetable of the week was carrots. We all brought a basket of them home to come up with something completely unique, that the student’s had not tried before to inspire the kiddos to eat their veggies. I thought the natural sweetness of the carrots would balance the heat of the peppers. I made a few varieties of a carrot based hot sauce with nachos and dips and brought it in for everyone to try. The feedback from the students and staff was amazing! That weekend I went to our local grocery store looking up and down the hot sauce shelves and saw there was not anything similar to my type sauce. My recipe was all natural with no additives or preservatives and used a fresh blend of ingredients.

Intensity Academy Sauce Hot Sauce
Intensity Academy Sauce Hot Sauce

In launching this Saucy venture I did not have a marketing budget to speak of and I felt I needed to use grassroots strategies to build my brand. I quickly figured out what worked and what didn’t. Below are five tips which have made a positive impact on my brand as well as to my customers.

Healthy Selling Tips:

  1. Promote Others Often– I have found that promoting other businesses and individuals always comes back to you and heck, it is even a healthy way make others feel good. Promote those within your network or fan base so they know you appreciate and notice them.
  2. Co-promotions– I think this is my favorite strategy. I love working with others to help promote both brands to our customer bases. I have worked with hundreds of brands in this way to help raise exposure to our companies and create new excitement. An example of one of these co-promotions is with a local eye doctor in my community. He did a carrot hot sauce giveaway to all patients that bought glasses or contacts. The response was tremendous for both of us!
  3. Offers/Giveaways– Nothing creates excitement more than that winning feeling. I often do giveaways to add some spark and spice to my customer’s interest in my brand. This is when your customers become your cheerleaders sharing your contest or offer.
  4. Engaging Customers– In our world today, customers want direct interactions with the brands they choose to give their money to. They want a voice and love to see the behind the scenes look into your products or services. To engage, I post recipes, food shots, bottling process or step-by-step design work, while asking for feedback from my customers along the way.
  5. Giving Back– I always try to give back to our community and local non-profits. I cannot tell you the amount of sauces or baskets we have donated over the past six years. The way I justify these donations is I choose to do this service in lieu of paying for print ads or advertisements. I get my sauces in front of hundreds of people by donating to the fundraisers. I would have never had the exposure to their attendees on a one-on-one level.

Now is the time for you to create some healthy aspects for your business as 2014 has just begun. Take a fresh look at what you can do to create strong positive relationships with your current and future customers.

What do you think of these tips? Are any ones you are currently using? Comment below. Your feedback may be used for future posts.


Michele Northrup is the Founder of Intensity Academy Sauces, a Florida based, all natural, gourmet and hot sauce company. Intensity Academy Sauces has won an amazing 53 National awards within the past five years based on their veggie-based hot sauces and organic tea infused gourmet sauces. For more information on Intensity Academy Sauces, please visit


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One thought on “Guest Post: Healthy Selling for 2014

  1. Thank you Michele for sharing your story with us. I had no idea that is how Intensity Academy was born! I have to say I completely agree with your five tips. We have been using these marketing tips in our business for years and they have worked well for us. Promoting others and giving back is so easy and will become second nature very quickly.

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