8 Tips on How to Be the Blogger Who Gets Repeat Media Invites part 2

Tips for Bloggers on Attending Invited Events. Above Promotions Company, Tampa, FL. Digital Marketing and Public Relations. 2014
Tips for Bloggers on Attending Invited Events. Above Promotions Company, Tampa, FL. Digital Marketing and Public Relations. 2014
Tips for Bloggers on Attending Invited Events. Above Promotions Company, Tampa, FL. Digital Marketing and Public Relations. 2014


In case you stumbled upon part 2 of 8 Tips on How to Be the Blogger Who Gets Repeat Media Invites, please be sure to click here to read part 1. You do not want to miss any of these tips. In fact, go back and read those first if you can hold out on reading to the end of this list.

For those of you wondering what else could possibly be shared, trust me, there are some more nuggets to be shared. As mentioned before, we work with many brands, speak to several professionals around the world and even scoured the internet to figure out what is missing for many bloggers. The conclusion is that most bloggers were never trained in how to cover a story or build a relationship in doing so. Even for the former journalists, many outlets took away the luxury of time and left personnel with just enough time to cover the highlights and keep moving to the next story. So even the professional media personnel with years of training could use a few tips as well.

With that said, here are the remaining four tips:

5. Organize your article before posting. (This is more of blogging 101, but you will see where I am going in a second.) Do not just dump images under words provided by the brand. If you have quite a few images to post consider using an image gallery or plugin on your post. Better yet, a video image plugin will help increase your traffic. Readers will only scroll a few times before leaving your page. Ensure there is good content on each scroll of the mouse. They also want to know who or what is in the photo. Again, you’re telling the story from the perspective the brand hasn’t shared with the public. The more unique your story is to the brand, the more likely they are to share it with their fans.

6. If the brand wants you to experience the event as a date-night or family affair, they will let you know in advance. Asking for additional passes outside of possibly a photographer or videographer to accompany you, will make it appear as though you are only in it for the free admittance. Some events are better written from a standpoint of 2 or more, however, do not forget you are there to work. Yes, you are helping the brand out by writing for free, but so are the traditional media outlets who stay for a few minutes and do not occupy a seat or two for the entire event.

7. Always review a product, service or event, never attack it. Your readers expect a honest review of how you felt about your experience with a brand whether you were paid to do the article or only received a pass to attend an event. As a writer who wants to be treated professionally, you must approach your article with truth, but not bitterness. There is a way to discuss the food temperature not being right over ranting about how the cook isn’t knowledgeable on how to prepare hot food. There is a big difference in speaking about your personal bad experience and going on an angry rant over it. How you handle communicating your thoughts about a brand speaks volumes to the level of professionalism. If you provide constructive feedback in a helpful tone, it could be the difference between never getting invited again, to helping to advise the brand in growing.

Also, please note you are reviewing the brand and not their communications professional or external publicist. If you have a bad experience with getting your pass, locating the contact while there or didn’t receive everything they promised upon arrival, the blog post is not the place to discuss what went wrong that is not a part of the normal attendee’s or user experience. If you feel inclined, approach the brand directly off-line to provide them with details to your experience.

8. Find ways after the event and after you have posted the event to tie the brand back into future articles. Then be sure to share this with the brand. This lets them know you are thinking about them during times when there are no events to attend or free product to receive. Also, this gives them another opportunity to share your post with their fans. This goes back to building relationships.

Be sure to save these two articles and share them with your fellow bloggers. Before you attend events, read these posts again to make sure you’re ready to create the best article and relationship with brands.

As we continue to host our Connect to Blog events, we will be sure to share more tips to help foster great relationships and to develop more as a professional blogger. If you’re a brand reading this or another public relations professional, feel free to share our articles with your contacts to help your media coverage for events improve.

Was this article helpful? If so, bookmark it, share it with your fellow bloggers and comment below.

Above Promotions is a digital marketing and public relations agency with B2C clients that promote brands in the food, fashion and family entertainment industries. We build and protect brands by creating and executing digital resources to sell products or build positive public sentiment. From a local to international market, Above Promotions Company can provide the exposure that goes above your expectations. Visit http://www.abovepromotions.com today.
Ebony T. Grimsley is the Creative Director and Owner of Above Promotions Company. She is also the author of “Because You’re Small: Effective Marketing Strategies for Immediate Implementation” which is sold on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other stores and a contributor to various media outlets.


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