Laugh…It’s Another Thanksgiving Round Up!

This is our third year of gathering up some of our favorite memes from the internet on one of our favorite holidays, Thanksgiving. (See Laugh! It’s Thanksgiving! and Laugh! It’s Thanksgiving Again! posts for other favorite memes.)

What do you think? Are these laugh worthy?

Wait up Santa. At least let the turkey get his chance to shine.


thanksgiving and santa


Anyone else looking forward to good food?


thanksgiving meme


Food galore warrants a little twirling, right?



Definitely first world problems.



Always thankful for the invention of Spanx on holidays like this one.




And if you do decide to skip the spanx, you can always try this trick for a few weeks.




So what did you think of this year’s round-up? Please feel free to share your favorite ones not listed below.

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

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