Crisis Management for Unimaginable Tragedies

germanwings above promotions company 2015
Image from Creative Commons. Above Promotions Company. Digital Marketing and Public Relations. Tampa, FL. 2015



When it comes to tragedies like the Germanwings flight 9529 crash it is nearly impossible to see it coming. It truly is unimaginable in the eyes of many. These types of tragedies take a hard hit on everyone , and people want answers. People want to understand why a person would do such a thing. Officials and the public want to know how this could have been prevented. Unlike an employee leaving a spill on a ground and a brand taking an obvious hit in the area of negligence, a tragedy of this nature leaves for very little room to discuss preventative measures and liability.

Whether you can prevent a tragedy from happening or not, as a company, it is your job to find answers and help the public try to understand the situation. It is no small task, but these 3 steps can help make it a doable one.

  1. It is important to have a plan already in place. It is just as important to be proactive, not just reactive. In truth, no one knows what tomorrow holds, so think of all the things that could possibly go wrong. Then try to think of the best plan of action for each scenario. Also, have set medians of media you will go to depending on the severity of the crisis. Chose a spokesperson to present to the public.
  2. Respond as quickly as possible, but also as careful as possible. When in crisis mode things start happening fast, and you need to be ready. This is where your plan of action will come in handy. The quicker you can get the ball rolling the public will be able to see you are on top of things. However, don’t move so quickly an even bigger mess is made. Be careful, and communicate with your team.
  3. Be Honest. Telling the public the truth as you learn new information will make them feel you are figuring this out together. While not being honest will make it look like you have something to hide. Not only will this be bad for your brand while the crisis is happening, but afterwards the public may have trouble trusting you. Honesty and openness can go a long way.

Preparing for a crisis like this is hopefully something you’re company will never have to do. However, you should be sure to take steps such as these listed above for the sake of not only your company, but the public who will need you to lead in that time.

Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to the families and those impacted directly through this tragedy. Mental illness is a disease which should be taken seriously. Please consider supporting organizations like the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Click here to learn more about them.

Are there any steps you would take in an unimaginable tragedy not mentioned here? Share them in a comment below. Your responses could be used for a future article.

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Althea Tyrell is a spring intern with Above Promotions Company. She is a student with the University of South Florida.



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