The End of an Era

Image from Creative Commons. Above Promotions Company. Digital Marketing and Public Relations. Tampa, FL. 2015
Image from Creative Commons. Above Promotions Company. Digital Marketing and Public Relations. Tampa, FL. 2015

Alas, after 11 judges, 13 years, 14 seasons, and 533 episodes the American Idol era has come to an end, but what’s been left behind is now a legacy. With some of the highest ratings on television Fox went on to create eight different American Idol spin-offs, an attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and influenced the start of many other singing competition shows, still going strong today. So, this begs the question: why end it?

The high ratings they once had were no longer there. The audience for American Idol had left. The ratings coming in the past few years were numbers expected for scripted once a week shows. However, this wouldn’t cut it for the money that’s put into such a production. Fox knew that its product was no longer in demand and did the smart thing.

In building your brand, you may find that a product does really well and becomes really high in demand, but then one day it isn’t anymore. What your brand does next is critical. There is the option to try and find a way to make the product better, and find out what is making the product a non-essential. If you come up empty be sure you’re not losing more than you’re making. If this is true for your brand start thinking of new ideas.

In Fox’s case with American Idol by the time their ratings started dropping the revised, better versions of their show were already out there like The Voice and America’s Got Talent.Almost every network has their own American Idol with a twist. The demand was no longer there. Despite losing what once were their two biggest shows last season (American Idol and Glee) Fox is looking forward with their fall schedule with shows Empire, who had record high ratings in their first season alone. With these new shows I have no doubt Fox will be back on top of the rating game in no time.

Do you think Fox could revive American Idol? Share your thoughts in a comment below. Your responses could be used for a future article.

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Althea Tyrell is a communications assistant with Above Promotions Company. She is a student with the University of South Florida.


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