Above Promotions is a blog maintained by the Above Promotions Company, Creative Director, Ebony Grimsley, along with guest writers and staff.

The Above Promotions blog discusses topics on publicity, digital marketing, promotions and everything in between. By taking a more casual approach to important topics the blog consistently maintains readers from across the world.

“I read the Above Promotions blog on a regular basis. Always timely and relevant topics mixed with intelligent, thought provoking content. It’s always real not “canned” and predictable.” – Brenda Ellison, MyInfoSnap.com

“I enjoy reading the Above Promotions blog by Ebony Grimsley. Ebony fills her blog with insightful topics and helpful tips for the small business owner mixed in with a bit of humor. I look forward to reading what she will post next.” – Lisa Burns, Backyard Getaway

“I enjoy reading the Above Promotions blog because there is always something there for those of us with a limited budget for PR. She gears much of her expertise towards those of us that have small businesses but big ideas. The information is timely & easily implemented. I also like her teasers, I got some great info at the start of the year before others & can’t wait to see what she has in store in her new book!” – Kellie McRae, Sexy Bags & Shoes


The mission of the Above Promotions Company, a public relations (pr) and digital marketing agency, is to promote the ideas, products and services of new and established food, fashion and family entertainment looking to expand their reach. It is our goal to be the best agency to hire and partner with for our clients while helping them to grow and change the industries they represent around the world.

Since its inception, Above Promotions has serviced National Organizations, Entertainment Executives, NFL Players and Staff, WBA athletes, businesses, writers and a host of others.

Our clients are looking to generate publicity, expand their brand, fill events or grow retail sales in multifaceted environments. When in a crisis, our clients also find the execution of our swift and effective crisis communications strategies to be an asset. It’s not enough to just build up your brand, but you must also be able to protect it.

Above Promotions Company personnel is invited to speak on related industry topics, the media, and business success. This has been successfully accomplished for those in the business and entertainment communities, locally and across the globe.

From a local to international market, Above Promotions Company can provide the exposure and strategy to go above your expectations to the public around the world. Above Promotions Company wants to be your PR Agency, your Digital Marketing Company. Let us help you. Contact us today!



Above Promotions works with various non-profits to help local to international communities.  Whether through financial support or in-kind donations, the company has donated almost $100,000 in funds and services.

Although Above Promotions donates to feeding and clothing the homeless, supplying professional items to those looking for employment and toys for kids, the primary organizations approved on a yearly basis for its philanthropic endeavours target cancer patients’ resources, the arts and the youth.


We believe in creating relationships with clients who want us to partner with them and providing them only with services they need. There is no pressure to obligate anyone to become a client or sign-up for services in speaking with one of our representatives.

To learn more about how we can assist you, simply click here.



Ebony T. Grimsley is the Owner and Creative Director of Above Promotions. Her instinctive business sense and passion for assisting others in achieving their dreams creates a perfect match for success for all of her clients. Her accomplishments and experience in corporate business and technology gives her the ability to generate profit and growth opportunities for those she educates and leads campaigns for in the marketplace.

Considered a well-respected expert in her field, Ebony is invited to speak on digital marketing and publicity strategies, entertainment industry topics, leadership and organizational techniques. Even in her role as creative director for advertising campaigns and photography shoots, she is called upon to produce what captures the eye and sales of her clients’ consumers.

Ebony has spent years working with corporate executives, attorneys, small business owners, entertainers, professional athletes, film organizations and non-profits to produce winning results these fields for over a decade. Often considered an innovative thinker, savvy communicator and leader of business evolution through publicity and marketing campaigns, she has been featured on MSNBC.com, the Retail Customer Experience, NewsOne.com, Mainstreet and other publications, as well as a monthly guest on WEAL in North Carolina and a syndicated blog on Business2Community.com.

When in need of savvy communication skills for legal or negative media matters, immediate and sustainable results in sales or celebrity placements and endorsements, Ebony is an invaluable resource to peers and clients. Over the years, Ebony has worked with and planned events for celebrities alongside industry personnel for noted people such as Korn, Marilyn Manson, Ginny Owens, Rachel Lampa, James Earl Jones, Tavis Smiley, Carrot Top, Tom Joyner, Kid Capri, Winky Wright, Don Lemon and others.

For more information on Ebony Grimsley, please feel free to send requests for event emcee, interviews and speaking requests to contactus@abovepromotions.com.


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