Thanks Dr. King! Day #10 of the 12 Tip Journey

Last week, Above Promotions Company’s Creative Director Ebony Grimsley, was asked, “What lessons learned from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, can entrepreneurs apply today?”  Below is an exert from the response.

“There comes a time that the drum major instinct can become destructive.  And that’s where I want to move now. I want to move to the point of saying that if this instinct is not harnessed, it becomes a very dangerous, pernicious instinct.”  – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  (

Every business owner has the desire to lead.  Many will go to great lengths to do so.  When business owners fight to keep up with their competitors, they struggle.  They lose focus on running their own race and creating their own unique success story.  This type of business owner can drive themselves bankrupt financially and emotionally attempting to mimic a competitor just to try and get ahead.  The smart business owner will know what their competitors are doing, but stay driven by their own business’ goals and meeting their own milestones. 

Hopefully this serves as a reminder to remember your own goals and remain true to them as Dr. King did during his life.

Tip #10

Stay fresh.

Simply review what is and is not working for you. Evaluate the items that are not selling to see if they need to be updated or eliminated. This will help keep you innovative.  It’s your ingenuity that will keep you in front of the competition, not others.

(Be sure to update your business plan for any significant changes.)