“Don’t run to blame the employee. Turn to your communications plan”

Typically sighting human error is the thing most public relations specialists will state not to do in instances of a huge company embarrassment.  (Click here for the official statement from Costa Cruises) Mainly it provides a look of incompetent training and lack of controls to prevent tragedies from occurring. 

In this case, blaming the captain could not be avoided considering the initial reports of no official plan to get passengers off safely, the recording of the captain not knowing what was going on with the ship or the passengers while he was off of the ship, the public is not satisfied with the attempts to placate the passengers.  

Don’t run to blame the employee. Turn to your communications plan

However, the response and tools of response could have been managed more effectively if a crisis communication plan is in place.  The voice of the Cost Concordia Cruise line is being lost in a the ongoing media frenzy surrounding a possible class action suit and the offer of a discount on future cruises.

What is your business’ plan in the event negative stories are being aired to the public causing a downward snowball effect?

Contact Above Promotions on how we can help you plan accordingly.


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